We are going to have some new shirts on our upcoming tour with Dowsing and The Sidekicks, so it’s time for us to get rid of what we currently have. Check out the webstore to see if we have either the Fishberg or Astrobiker shirts in your size. If it fits, you can get it for $5. 

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Stream “Give” from the newly mixed/mastered version of the debut album by nonabandThrough The Head is available for preorder now and will be out July 22nd!


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This is our next show and I am very excited for it. Last time I saw Rozwell Kid they played an instrumental set at a show that didn’t happen because of an ice storm. Then I broke my ribs, but still THEY WERE AWESOME.





Having recently announced a new EP out at the end of this summer, Sundials will also be headed out on an awesome tour with The Sidekicks and Dowsing. Dates and info are below:

  • 7/31/14 – Lansing, MI / Mac’s Bar
  • 8/1/14 – Chicago, IL / Township
  • 8/2/14 – Minneapolis, MN / Nether Bar
  • 8/4/14 – Boise, ID / The Shredder
  • 8/5/14 – Seattle, WA / Chop Suey
  • 8/6/14 – Portland, OR / Slabtown
  • 8/8/14 – La Jolla, CA / Che Cafe
  • 8/9/14 – Pomona, CA / VLHS
  • 8/10/14 – Mesa, AZ / The Underground
  • 8/11/14 – Albuquerque, NM / Gasworks
  • 8/13/14 – Denver, CO / Hi Dive
  • 8/14/14 – Kansas City, MO / Czar
  • 8/15/14 – St. Louis, MO / The Demo
  • 8/16/14 – Columbus, OH / Ace of Cups
  • 8/17/14 – Cleveland Heights, OH / Grog Shop
  • 8/18/14 – Pittsburgh, PA / Mr. Roboto Project
  • 8/19/14 – Asbury Park, NJ / Asbury Lanes
  • 8/20/14 – Allston, MA / Great Scott
  • 8/21/14 – Amityville, NY / Amityville Music Hall
  • 8/22/14 – Brooklyn, NY / Saint Vitus
  • 8/23/14 – Philadelphia, PA / The Barbary
  • 8/24/14 – Washington, DC / DC9

This is going to be a very fun way to end a very fun summer. I want to get coffee from the first ever Starbucks, learn to surf, and kickflip the Grand Canyon. 

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Now that they’ve finished recording their new EP, Sundials will be headed out on tour starting next week! Dates below:


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We are a tour.


Hey! We’re very, very excited to announce that we’ll be releasing a new Sundials EP later this summer! Holy butts we love this band.

Sundials have always been a band that’ve bounced around and done things on their own terms — releasing records with a slew of awesome labels like Kiss of Death and Eevil Weevil along the way. It was 2012’s When I Couldn’t Breathe (released on also great Asian Man), however, that straight up floored us. It is equal parts punk, pop and rock — all in perfect balance. This band has a special knack for harnessing John K.-esque lyrical imagery paired with pure feel-good musical peaks and valleys that demand to be turned up.

The band begins recording the EP this weekend at Noisy Little Critter in West Chester, PA with producer Mike Bardzik (Spraynard, Everyone Everywhere) whom they worked with on their last studio LP, When I Couldn’t Breathe. More details soon!

Until then, please listen to their bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr — thanks!!

Hey! Listen!

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THE SANDS (members of Pink Razors)






9:00 Doors. 10:00 Music. $6 for touring bands. 929 W. Grace St.

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Richmond! We’re not playing this, but The Sands are great and you should go check out this show!

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This is our next show we are excited and so should you be so why not just come to the show? If you can find this flyer’s secret message we’ll give you a prize.